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FRP 0254 Reluctantly...provisionally For sale!

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bonnietiler RPOC Regular

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I may have to sell 0254
It's been to lots of shows...I'll try to list what I've done but like the road it goes on forever!
Excellent condition NOT resprayed
Interior 1st rate
wheels beautiful
Avon ZZ3 tyres all round done only 1000miles
Miltek system + Manifold
Sony digital Head unit (original CD/Radio available)
Got some stone chips
All following Parts replaced with genuine FORD
Front Hubs
Front Bearings
Drop Links
Track Rod Ends
Lower Wishbones
All Eibach Suspension Units
Rear Discs
Rear Bearings
Rear Disc Splash guards
Motorcraft Battery
Cam Cover
MAF unit
Iridium Plugs
HT leads
New Headlights
New Fog Lights
New genuine steering Wheel
Loads of paperwork
Last MOT No advisories
Grand Children expenses forcing prospective sale
Much better to buy a medium priced car with most of the work done...believe me!!!
PM me
Leafy Cheshire

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