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Post Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:04 pm
v5throttle Newbie

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Hi Folks, I'm CJ,

I originally bought myself a Silver '98 1.7 a few years ago which unfortunately was something of a money pit before she eventually had to visit the scrapman (still was an absoloute joy to drive however!)

Since then I've been driving a 2.3 V5 Golf. Which is a super motor, although much more like a grand touring cruiser then the fun chuck-around of the Puma (which if I'm honest, suits my driving much more!)

I'm currently looking to sell the Golf and find an FRP (or even swap if anyone would be interested).

I'm regularly here again looking for if anything appears in the for-sale section and to chat whenever I can.

Here's hoping something comes up! :D

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